Old World Coffee
Old World Coffee
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Old World Coffee

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Old World Coffee from Bolaven Plateau, Laos


  • Altitude: 1,350 Meters Above Sea Level (4,429 feet)
  • Process: Natural (Anaerobic Fermentation)
  • Notes: Syrah Grape, Greek Olive
Coffee was introduced to Laos in the early 1900’s by French colonists. Originally, the crop was grown in the north of the country, until farmers realized the Bolaven Plateau in the south offers much more fertile soil. Traditionally, Laos producers have grown Robusta coffee, which tends to be more common in this part of Asia. Over the past decade, Laotian farmers have been transitioning to Arabica varieties and implementing improved cultivation practices.

We have been overwhelmed by the incredible response we’ve seen from our customers on these unique beans when we introduced them a few months ago. Due to extremely popular demand, we are bringing them back for another month.

This coffee underwent anaerobic fermentation, forcing the juices and sugars into the bean. After fermentation, the beans were processed using the ‘natural’ method, which involves sun-drying the coffee with the cherry intact, imparting unique flavors. The coffee offers a full, syropy body, pleasant notes of Syrah grape and Greek olive.


Featuring coffees from the Eastern hemisphere (most will be from Africa and the Middle East with a few rare varieties from Asia).

You will receive our current selection of an Old World coffee, which varies monthly.

12-oz bag of coffee brews about 20-25 cups, depending on your cup size.

Your coffee will be roasted on the Monday, Wednesday or Friday following your purchase.

Customer Reviews

Based on 299 reviews
Claire E.
Never disappointed!

I’ve ordered beans from Abra for awhile now and every month the new beans are always delicious! it’s also always fun to learn about where they came from and experience the unique flavors from all over. I would and do highly recommend ordering beans from them!

Quality Product

From packaging to the final sip….Abra delivers high quality through the whole experience.

Bradley H.

By far the most delicious coffee I’ve ever had. The even better part is the personal customer service. Was shipped something slightly different than what I ordered. They responded immediately and within hours I had a tracking number of a new shipment coming my way. I’m beyond impressed. Thanks so much!!!

April D.
Heaven in your MOUTH!

I love Abra Coffee! The company, the quality, the love that they share in their customer service and their product!

Carol S.
Carol Springstead

Love the selections every month and always looking forward to trying both the new and old world coffees !! Never disappointed and each one is unique and special with it's own nuances !

Jose E.d.S.F.

Thank you so much! Amazing coffee!

Alyson D.
Delicious and Unique Coffee

We've ordered a few times from Abra now and each offering has been different, unique, and utterly delicious. The most recent one is a fermented bean from Laos that is like no coffee I've ever had before. Very fruity and works well as a pourover, chemex, and latte. Exceptional coffees all around.

Jardson A.
Amazing taste. Great notes.

I love the El Salvador coffee. Will order again.

Joe J.
Amazing Coffee and Customer Service!

I tried the Old and New World combination package and was blown away. Once I ordered I was received an email asking if I had any other questions, separate from my confirmation. Paula and her company truly care about their customers. The coffee was as amazing as the service. I preferred the Old World blend. It was slightly less intense than the New World, but both were wonderful and I would highly suggest trying both!


This old world coffee was fantastic in the cup. The roast profile was rich but not over roasted. I got some citrus on the nose but berry in the cup.