Where do you roast your coffee?
All of our coffees are roasted at our roastery in the Little River neighborhood of Miami.
What’s the right way to brew coffee?
We don’t believe there is one correct way of brewing coffee, it comes down to your personal preference. Check out our brewing guides for helpful tips and suggestions.
Is your coffee really that good?
We really love our coffees, but don't take our word for it. Check out our amazing customer reviews!
What are tasting notes? Do you add flavoring to your coffees?
We never add any flavorings to our coffees, what you get is 100% premium arabica beans.
Coffee naturally contains hundreds of compounds, which contribute to its aroma and flavor.
These compounds are affected by the soil, climate, altitude, processing and roasting methods.
When we list our tasting notes, we are simply identifying familiar flavors, of which we are reminded when drinking our coffees.
Can I meet the coffee farmers?
Yes! We love personally connecting with our coffee farmers and want to share this experience with you. In addition to featuring information and quotes from our farmers throughout the year, we plan to organize annual trips to visit coffee farms where we buy our beans. Stay tuned for updates…
How do you choose the roast profile?
Each coffee we consider as part of our offering undergoes a rigorous taste testing phase, where we determine the profile that works best for the bean. Some will be roasted lighter, others darker.
How do you select your coffees?
We taste numerous beans and select only those we find to have exceptional taste and quality. All of our coffees must meet strict sustainability standards.
How can I find out more about brewing methods?
We love to talk to our customers! Reach out to us via our website, email or Instagram. We're always happy to talk about all things coffee!
How much does the coffee cost?
Our prices for 12oz of coffee range from $18.50 to $20.50, which comes out to less than $1 per cup.
I am receiving too much/not enough coffee, can I adjust my delivery quantity and frequency?
Absolutely, please login to your Abra Coffee account on our site to adjust your subscription preferences.
Can I edit or pause my subscription?
No problem! You can either select a one-time purchase or easily change the frequency and quantity of your subscription orders. It's also easy to pause or skip shipments.
I’ll be away for some time, can I pause my subscription?
Yes, you can. You can login to your Abra Coffee account and make any changes you want there.
What if I already have another coffee subscription?
We'd love for you to give us a try without any commitments.
Will I always get the same coffee within each subscription tier?
We only source the highest quality coffees, which are usually offered in limited quantities. Our purchasing depends on the availability of the coffees we choose to carry. This means that sometimes our supply of a particular coffee may only last a month, other times it may be available for longer. Once we run out of a particular coffee, we replace it with another outstanding crop with similar attributes of our Old World and New World tiers respectively. For example, if you subscribe to the Old World tier, you may receive a coffee from Ethiopia for a few months, then from Kenya for a month, then Yemen for a few months, and so forth.
What’s the difference between Old World and New World Single Origin subscription tiers?
Old World Single Origins showcase exquisite beans grown in the birthplace of coffee - Africa and the Middle East. These coffees tend to have fruitier, brighter notes. New World Single Origins come from the western hemisphere and feature deeper, more mellow notes.
Can I subscribe to both Old World and New World coffees?
Yes, you can mix and match any combination of coffees.
Where do you source your coffee?
We purchase coffee from farmers all over the world. Our Old World Single Origins generally come from Africa, the Middle East, and some part of Asia, while our New World Single Origins are grown in Central, South America, and the Caribbean.
How can I get free shipping?
You will receive free shipping on any shipment of at least $25.