We procure our coffees from every corner of the world. Our sourcing process involves connecting with the closest person to the coffee plant. We work with coffee experts who help us reach our farmers directly so we can understand their farming practices.

Building relationships with our suppliers is one of our top priorities as roasters. Our goal is to complement the farmers’ creations through our roasting profiles. We strive to bring out the distinct tasting notes of each bean we source and to deliver the best possible product to our clients.

We offer two coffees categories:
New World Coffee
These coffees are grown in Central, South America, and the Caribbean and generally exhibit notes of chocolate and caramel.
OLD World Coffee
These coffees come from Africa, the Middle East, and Asia and generally showcase more fruit-forward notes like citrus and berries.
WHOLE World Coffee
If you'd like to explore the best of both worlds, our Whole World option will include a half bag (6oz) of each, New World and Old World.
The coffees of each category change every month to offer you the opportunity to try different coffee flavors from all over the world.

Most of our coffee profiles tend to be within a medium roast range, with some variety to account for the attributes of each of our coffees. Roasting within a medium range allows us to fully develop the natural sweetness of the coffee without compromising the wide spectrum of tasting notes, which may get lost in darker roasts.