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Everything is top notch awesome

I have grown to enjoy speciality coffee. When I see a roaster does something unique, I'm intrigued. When I see Abra only roast 2 types of coffee at a time, I get excited. I get excited because I know they are caring for the quality of the coffee over the quantity of bags sold. To me, a consumer, that means every time I drink a cup of the coffee, I am not going to be disappointed. So far, I have yet to disappointed. I don't think I will be either.

Great Coffee's of the worlds

Every Shipment, the coffees are getting better and better. The coffees received this month, Myanmar and Bolivia was great, both having a great aroma, taste and full body. Keep up a good work.

Excellent Coffee

This was excellent coffee! I was greatly pleased with how smooth the taste was. I also love that this specialty coffee is from small farmers that work with these roasters. Will be a returning customer.

Great variety and love the New/Old World Combo

Recently had a chance to try the Old World/New World bags (Peru/Ethiopian). Both are medium roasts and I'm very pleased. I've had a chance to brew both as espresso, chemex, French press, and aeropress. It is definitely interesting to see how the beans change between the brew methods.

In both of these instances, I think they took to espresso and chemex the best.

One major thing that I liked about Abra is the note card sent with their coffee. The info of origin and tasting notes is a great touch and their tasting notes were spot on.

Will definitely be ordering me especially with the variety offered from small batch brewing.

Great stuff!

The coffee is great and I dig the concept of focusing on two coffees from different region. Presentation is also nice, I enjoyed reading the cards with information and tasting notes about each coffee.

Taste the World

I ordered their roasts from Peru and Ethiopia and loved both. I could taste the differences in each and look forward to taking new and different coffee trips around the world from the comfort of my own home all through Abra Coffee. I love the cards that come with each one describing it in detail, thoughtful and well done.

Just Wow

Let’s forget that the coffee is top-notch for a moment and talk about the packaging.

I order a lot of coffee online and I have to say that I have never seen a company put this much thought into the presentation of their products for their mail-order customers. From the box to the info cards, I loved it all.

Now, back to what really matters, the coffee and the people. The owners are very responsive on social media and answered my questions. I ordered the combo Old/New World pack and both are excellent. Would definitely order from them again.

Quality Coffee and great service

I had trouble with my order arriving to my home. However, the Abra team did a great job helping me with my issue and my coffee did arrive safely to my home. I got the New World and Old World coffee. Both are fantastic!!! Notes of dark chocolate and spices. It really does give you a good kick of caffeine ready to start your day!!!

Whole World Coffee

Awesome Customer Service and Delicious Coffee

I really enjoyed my experience with Abra Coffee. First, the coffee is delicious. I currently brew with an AeroPress and Flair Expresso maker. I received the Old World Coffee from Ethiopia and it was freshly roasted and sent to me. It made a delicious espresso! Abra also has amazing customer service. I made a mistake on the delivery address and despite my mistake they freshly roasted another bag of coffee and sent it to me. What a gracious business. Thank you!

Excellent coffee!

I ordered the Whole World Coffee to try the Ethiopia and Peru brews. The Ethiopia aligned more with my taste preference; however, both gave great, developed cups of coffee! The Ethiopia had a much sweeter and lighter taste while the Peru was a denser heavier cup. Both were roasted perfectly and left a great mouth feel. Awesome seller, selection, and ethics at this company! Very happy with these beans!

Personable, personal service from Abra! The prices are fair for the quality coffee we received. The shipping was very fast. The coffee itself was very enjoyable! Really enjoyed getting 2 different single origin roasts to have an opportunity for taste comparisons and the included tasting, origin, and process notes are so much fun for coffee needing!

Great coffee!

Very happy with the Ethiopian beans we ordered. I grind very fine and do an immersion brew and it's very fruity. Highly recommend Abra

Cold brew for Nitro (Counter Culture)

Love love love

Excellent Premium Coffee

I order both New World from Peru and Old World from Ethiopia and I must share with you, I will not see coffee the same way after trying both of these amazing coffees. The characteristics of each coffee match in exactitude of those described in the flyer, you can can definitely taste the premium in these coffees and I am not a coffee connoisseur. Highly recommended to anyone.

So tasty

After a second time ordering I am hooked! The coffee is fantastic. I will be a regular customer. Give them a try!!!

Paula reached out to me via Instagram because she saw that my husband and I are a bit of coffee snobs. We ordered the new world, old world combo bag. They are AMAZING! Would definitely buy again. We tend to favor roasts from Ethiopia and it did not disappoint.

Great coffee

Delicious product and amazing service!

I buy from a collection of micro
Roasters across the country. The Peruvian and Ethiopian roasts that I received from Abra this month are exceptional. I reordered both within a week of receiving my first shipment. I’m impressed!

Great, Quality Coffee

As an ex-barista and now home enthusiast, I know when right away when some one is truly specialty coffee roaster. Abra for sure meets that criteria in every way.

Excellent roast!

I really enjoy the old world Peruvian, it’s got a mellow body with a pleasant acidity and plenty of nuanced flavors! Would definitely buy again.

Great coffee.

You can't grind these beans and not have a cup immediately! Fantastic roast with great flavor, and the shipping was quick and efficient.

Amazing product! Great value!

The coffee is of superior quality, and the different variety offered is a great way to try product from different countries

Just Amazing.

Not all coffee are created equally and you can definitely taste it with Abra. You can see, feel and smell the hard work this company had put into their craft. Highly recommend to all coffee lovers. 

I couldn't be happier

I recently moved to Florida and decided to look up local roaster so I can support local small businesses. Abra Coffee was suggested to me by the all-seeing Instagram algorithm, and honestly, I can say this was the first time I was happy with a targeted marketing suggestion. my experience with Abra Coffee so far has been stellar. Great story, ethical business practices, very responsive and straight forward team, and most importantly, AMAZING coffee. It didn't take much for me to sign up with their New world/ Old World monthly program. Coffee for me is a ritual, a flavor experience and a journey around the world through experiencing different regions, soils, terroirs etc. Abra coffee hit the mark in satisfying all those. I can confidently say the experience and enjoyment I get from this Coffee are the same as the ones I get from wine, mezcal and premium cigars from all producing regions of the world, old and new. Definitely give them a try, you will not be disappointed.