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Love this coffee

Love it!

Excellent Flavor

I’m extremely satisfied with my coffee purchase. It arrived fresh and fast. Thank you!

Excellent Espresso

I brewed the Abra Old World espresso style and it was a lovely, balanced shot, floral but not too much so. A satisfying coffee to be sure for any espresso lover. Customer service, delivery, all top notch.

A Fun Surprise

I ordered the whole world package from Abra after finding them on Instagram. The coffee I received was roasted the same day I ordered it. Both coffees were fantastic and it was fun to compare and contrast them side by side. The coffee came with descriptions and history of the region that was very informative. Highly recommend checking out this family owned roaster!

Great Coffee and Roasting!

I’m very impressed! I ordered the whole world set, which for the month of February 2021 was an anaerobic processed Zambian and a honey processed Nicaraguan coffee. Abra Coffee clearly knows what they’re doing both in sourcing high quality coffee and getting a roast profile that highlights the unique quality of the coffees.

Coffee lovers unite!

Extremely fast shipping arrived sooner than expected! Friendly customer service. Coffee is amazing, smooth, bold, and well packaged. I appreciate all the different grind options. I can’t wait to see what next month’s beans bring!

Whole World Coffee

Lovely warm blend

After trying both the old world and new world blends I'm definitely more of a fan of the warm old world taste but the new world is a really nice bright flavor as well! Definitely a new favorite to add into my rotation.

Delightful Taste!

This coffee beans provide various flavors with its deep tone and fruity undertone. The experience was very delightful, and I especially loved it when I made a latte with this coffee!

Whole World Coffee

Old World = New Favorite

It’s a balanced roast that gives me the mild acidity I’m looking for without being a darker roast. Fruity undertones give you a sense of sweetness. Mild, yet flavorful and complex without being overly complicated. It’s just lovely.

Amazing flavors

First off, the box even smelled amazing and I couldn’t believe the flavors! Especially how the fruity notes complimented the coffee flavor. I usually opt for plain black (boring) coffee but I’m definitely a fan!

Thoughtful and delicious

Great online experience and very thoughtful service. Coffee smells soooo good, it’s delicious.

Whole World Coffee

Amazing taste

The Ethiopian Coffee have a delicious deep tone with the perfect acidity, to make a very enjoyable cup of coffee

Whole World Coffee

Three so far

Really enjoying the experience. We've now tried the coffees from Columbia, Zambia, and Nicaragua and all three are excellent with subtle differences. The short histories and nuances to detect that come along with the shipments are interesting and handy for future use. Follow-up correspondence has been kind and thoughtful. We're looking forward to more.


Very nice smooth blend. I made a caramel macchiato. So so good!! ❤️❤️ It is lovely and can’t wait to try the other blend I got as well.

Just perfect!

Amazing service, quick shipping, excellent packaging, and most importantly — tasty coffee!

Special flavor

I just love it! Perfect deep-toned, with the proper acidity.
I had some friends home to try it love it as well, very unique flavor

Best cup of coffee I’ve had

Title says it all. Cleanest pour through a French press ever. No cap. Seriously want to only drink this blend.

Pourover Magic

I’ve had the pleasure of tasting two very distinct coffees - one from Nicaragua and the other from Zambia - both of which were excellent. The coffee from Nicaragua was bright with mineral and chocolate. Zambia surprised me with its smooth, earthy flavor, muted acidity with a touch of Canela. I brewed both coffees as pour overs as I love my morning coffee ritual. While I enjoyed them both completely, the coffee from Zambia made my day. Salute!!

Ethiopian Old World

The aroma, the flavor, just wonderful!!
I will definitely order again!

Very Satisfied (Again)

Excellent customer service! Timely delivery! Delicious, well thought out coffee! Cannot wait for next month’s selection! (Fingers crossed for a lighter roast.)

So good

The beans are high quality! I loved both the Old World and New World this month. Will continue ordering!!