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Old World Coffee

Craft Coffee with a Family Vibe

I recently ordered Abra's Java coffee and thoroughly enjoyed it! It's a nice little punch on the first sip of some bitter chocolate, then smooths out with some really nice nuanced fruit notes. I eagerly await to try more. Also, I can't speak highly enough of Paula at Abra. She was wonderful to deal with and makes you feel like family. Kudos!

Very Good

I tried both the old and new world coffees from the November roasting. They were full of flavor, not overroasted, and a joy to drink.

My go-to special coffee purveyor!

Their customer service touched my heart and their Rwanda brew touched my soul.

Shipping from FL to HI takes time, yet “all good things to those who wait,” echos in my spirit.

So good

I ordered a bag of Old World whole coffee. I’m pleasantly surprised by how smooth and pleasant to drink this is to drink. I will order more.

Beautiful Coffee from the new and old world

I purchased the new world and old world combo pack and it was a great way to try two distinctly different tasting coffees. The Rwanda was light and beautiful while the Honduras had a rich taste in contrast.

So good!

I ordered both the decaf (Brazil) and new world (Honduras) and they are both delicious. I like a decaf cup in the afternoon and it's really hard to find good decaf coffee. Abra nailed it,

Almost correct in the tasting notes

So initial tastes for me was more like gunpowder and ashes, which explains why they were grown on volcanic soil, but then as it cools down a bit, there were slight sweetness and tea-like texture when I tasted Honduras. Overall, I enjoyed reading the story and learning more about the origin of the farms that the beans were produced. I would like to see maybe a card reference of recipes based on the selection of brewing method I choose, for example, V60 recipe would be nice to have instead of following the 1:15 rule or watching a youtube video because it varies based on the roast of the beans and many other factors.

Great coffee, great shipping time.

The coffee aroma was so great pre-drip, it gave us the feeling it couldn’t be as flavorful after it was brewed. We were wrong. Phenomenal is the word to describe the flavor after being brewed . Coffee lovers will truly appreciate the product Abra is offering. Really good coffee, really good ship times, and really good people. Thanks!

Excellent coffee!

I ordered both the New World and the Old World coffee roasts and they both were awesome! The Old World coffee especially impressed me with its exquisite taste! Great business model, and it will have me coming back to try the next coffee roasts that become available in the future. Definitely would recommend Abra to my friends! Thank you so much and keep up the great work!

New world vs old world

I've always been a fan of natural process vs washed since it focus more on the acidity and body to bring out the fruitiness of the beans and more flavor..dont get me wrong the washed is still a great cup of coffee...its just that it is more of my liking. The rwanda had me blown away with how exquisite the taste of the cup was and the colombia was just as good. I would definitely recommend you guys to friends 👍

Specialty Coffee, Indeed

Everything, from the interaction to the delivery and taste, has been exemplary. While the business model is different than the norm, the coffee is worth it. Whether you get one World or both, the experience is guaranteed to be enjoyable.

Exceptional Decaf

Decaf beans are usually pretty flat & gross, but these beans held great flavor & our whole family really enjoyed them!

ABRA: A World Community Coffee

I was finally able to give ABRA coffee a try and it was all I hoped for. The processing and personal touch of reaching out made the whole experience so personable. I enjoyed every minute. The business model of rotating farms and roasts from around the globe to provide the best cup of coffee and help provide for these roasters is brilliant. I will and have already recommended ABRA to friends!

Whole World Coffee

Amazing Coffee

This review is a little late as I had actually purchased from Abra several months ago. However I wanted to take the time to quickly leave a review and mention that the folks at Abra provide a fantastic product. I purchased the Around the Whole World package and was not disappointed. I received the Angelandia (a more fruitful and bright roast) and Limmu (tasted more caramelish) and I finished both bags. Highly recommended and I do plan to order again. I’m happy to support small coffee roasters! Best wishes.

Heaven in a cup!

Not only is your team wonderful and easy to communicate with, but this coffee is divine!!! Thank you for such an amazing cup of LOVE!!!

Great “medium” Ethiopia

This was a wonderful coffee. The bag said it was medium, but it seemed to be more of a light roast to me, which is what I prefer. This was my first coffee by Abra so maybe they skew to the lighter side of roast profiles which is fine, just something to be aware of if you have a strong preference either way. I ordered the whole world selection, but haven’t tried the other one yet. That may help clear that up.

Fantastic Coffee

I ordered the Old World/New World package. Both coffees were fantastic. The beans are uniform in size and color. I chose Chemex as my way of brewing. Each of the coffees were so smooth and flavorful. I really enjoyed the informational cards that I received with each of the coffees. Will definitely be ordering again.

Decaf - Brasil

I have to say, not all decaf's are created equal. This blend was very smooth and light. Everyone that I served it too, had a second cup. Very enjoyable!

Take your pick

Whether it’s the Old World or New World, the coffee you select will be delicious, so you may as well get both.

Great product

Fast shipping, great tasting coffee

Simply Excellent

I came across their page on Instagram and was intrigued by their old world/new world approach to sourcing. I ordered the monthly roasts from Haiti and Zambia and I was beyond impressed. The only moment I found myself disappointed was when I ran out! Thanks for bringing a little joy to this stressful year with excellent morning cups.

elegant coffee

really enjoyed the nuanced roast and single origins.

Really good tasting coffee!

The coffee scent is so strong and fresh. Taste is just remarkable. Haven’t tasted anything as fresh.